Grants for Videographers and Filmmakers

INRUSSIA invites proposals for short web documentaries.

Our platform is determined to support passionate filmmaking. We want to assist the visionaries who concentrate on the artistic value of their work, and through their storytelling allow the viewer to share in the urgency of the subject. 

We are introducing a new initiative for international filmmakers, as well as local talent. Applications are welcome from any who want to tell stories set within the Russian world or rooted in Russian culture. The themes we are most interested in can be broadly defined as “The Everyday” and “The Surroundings.”

Primarily, we are looking for distinctive creative voices and exciting, bold visions. We are seeking out stories that will give us a real sense of place, and a unique and diverse picture of the Russian world; stories that will engage audiences worldwide, regardless of the type of camera they are being shot on, or the distribution platform they are being experienced on. 

Financial funding as well as administrative and production support will be provided for the selected projects, the extent of these depending on the required budgets. The length of the films can range from 4 to 12 minutes; they will be published on and included in public screening programs.

To apply, filmmakers can send their submissions to, with “Short Documentary Pitch” as the subject of the message, until June 1, 2017. These should include the following:

– CV or a reel of the applicant;

– Description of the project (English or Russian, one page max.);

– Support material (visual references, videos and photos, etc.);

– Overview of estimated costs (including fees, production, accommodation, travel, technical rider, etc.).