Grants for Aspiring Filmmakers

INRUSSIA offers four contestants a free yearlong program at Moscow School of New Cinema.

In collaboration with Moscow School of New Cinema, INRUSSIA will be offering four grants providing winners with a free year of education at the film institution for the 2017- 2018 academic year. The first semester is already set to feature four workshops from four internationally renown filmmakers: Albert Serra, Philippe Grandrieux, Fred Kelemen, and Isabelle Stever. The four grants are divided by their respective program: 2 directorial programs, a video production program, and a screenwriting program. The requirements are listed below:

To participate in the competition for General Directorial Workshop grant, applicants need to submit a 3-5 minute short film on the topic of “Persecution.”

To participate in the competition for the Directorial Workshop at Philippe Granriere’s Theater grant, applicants need to submit a short film on the topic of “Just Five Minutes About Someone you Love.” Subjects for the film can range from a family member, friend, lover, or any individual the applicant deems worthy. 

To participate in the competition for the Alexander Burov's Vide-Operating Laboratory grant, applicants should make a 3-5 minute short video on the theme "The hidden life of things: what can be hidden behind the external shell?" 

To participate in the competition for the Screenwriting Laboratory grant, applicants are required to submit a short, two-page maximum essay-sketch on the topic "How did I become a different person in one day” or “The event that changed me.”

The Moscow School of New Cinema is one of Russia’s leading film schools, and strays away from conventional educational models. Rather than employing a “linear” format, the New Cinema is Russia’s first educational institution to introduce a “modular” system where students are simultaneously learning from several experts. The students experience a plethora modules — some only weeklong, some yearlong. The New Cinema educational model was inspired by the innovative and prestigious film schools La Fémis in Paris and the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. 

The school’s unique educational methodology has already yielded results. The student films have taken part and received prizes in several international film festivals including Cannes Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Amsterdam Film Festival and MIFF among others. 

Applicants must submit their materials to by September 16 2017. Any submissions sent after the September deadline will not be considered.