Geometry of Sounds

Russian artists of the “Geometry of Now” project present their sounds.

Sergey Komarov from Kurvenschreiber. Photo by Lubov Burakova

For the last couple months – a free publishing platform that aggregates texts on culture – has been sharing work by the Russian participants of the “Geometry of Now” project via Soundcloud. Geometry of Now, a unique multidisciplinary event by V-A-C Live and curated by Mark Fell, has already opened its doors, but the music program is only just beginning.

Kurvenschreiber, a synthesizer trio with a focus on improvisation, presents a meditative journey through classic electronic sounds. On February 24 the trio will be joined live by Alexei Grachev who adds quadraphonic mixing, percussion and effects to the performance.

Grainy textures and murky ambient soundscapes in the mix by Karina Kazaryan, who performs solo as KP Transmission or on the bass in the trio Fanny Kaplan. Ivan Bushuev and his project “nerest” will join Karina for a live performance on February 24.

Alexei Borisov, a veteran of the Russian experimental scene and a founding member of Nochnoy Prospekt collected his recent tracks and collaborations. Alexei Borisov will be joined by the sound artist Sergey Kasich for an early evening show on February 23.

Geometry of Now, an exploration of sound and its relation with space, continues till February 27, gradually unveiling its international line-up.