Full of Nothing's New Release from Lovozero + Kira Weinstein

Moscow-based duo invites you on a 16-minute journey into their enchanting world.

Photo by Svetlana Selezneva

Lovozero and Kira Weinstein experiment with electro-acoustic, programing, and voice. Lovozero, otherwise known as Anastasia Tolchneva, is in charge of many interesting multi-disciplinary projects in the current Moscow art scene. She previously collaborated with Moa Pillar in a band called Tikhie Kamni and is now working on a solo record. Kira Weinstein has played in rock and indie-pop circles, but she has recently shifted her focus, redefining her musical practice in the sound art direction. “Hello World” is their first collaboration released on the Karelian label Full of Nothing. Every time they get together for improvisation sessions they don’t know where the musical dialogue will lead. This 16-minute track submerges the listener into the obscure, emotional stream of sound these girls are creating by improvising with ambient riffs and celestial singing.