First Double Album for GOST Zvuk Records

Release of long-awaited “Drugstore Phones,” by the mysterious Piper Spray.

Orenburg-based Piper Spray is a truly exceptional contemporary composer who creates and develops a unique musical language of his own. His new record “Drugstore Phones” defies conventional musical definitions. Sound scatters from lo-fi beats to mesmerizing ambient rides arousing some kind of nostalgic feelings for forgotten cosmic lands. The album is Piper Spray’s first vinyl release and will be complemented with a tape version. The format is particularly special to the producer, who also runs his own label Singapore Sling Tapes. This latest GOST Zvuk release is an extraordinary work, demonstrating that Piper Spray’s sincere and deep music is boundless.

Shortly before the album release, artist Adel Saleh directed an atmospheric video for the track entitled “Autumn in Chertanovo.” It’s a collage of the videos he shot in the Moscow suburbs, showing blurry cityscapes in a dreamy rainbow palette.