Faig Ahmed Reinterprets the Language of Traditional Rugs

“Coherency” by Faig Ahmed. Image via Sapar Contemporary

Reinterpretation of the messages encoded in ancient carpet designs has been a trademark of artist Faig Ahmed’s work. His new exhibition, “Source Code,” at the Sapar Contemporary Gallery in New York, features occasionally psychedelic textiles that present viewers with new ideas about the nature of reality and the limits of human perception. He dissects the visual codes inherent to the rug-weaving tradition that has developed over the centuries in the Caucasus, Turkey, Persia, and India. His work communicates new agendas in the digital age and unites the organized, the chaotic, and the abstract. By rearticulating original designs, he creates contemporary sculptural forms.

Source Code. Sapar Contemporary, New York. Till Jan. 15, 2017.