F Is for Fat Cat

Anton Kannemeyer’s prints of political satire are ready for your walls.

Capetown-born cartoonist, publisher and lecturer Anton Kannemeyer has repeatedly confronted issues of racism and exploitation. Originally dealing with the history of his home country of South Africa, his bitingly funny and bold cartoons have come to focus on the legacy of colonialism and present-day relations between Africa and the West. 

Using satire and comic-book style, Kannemeyer, a white Afrikaner who grew up under apartheid, explores delicate political and social themes of South Africa, painting a critical outlook of the status quo. His seven-color lithography “F is for Fat Cat" is a caricature of the notorious South African businessman Khulubuse Zuma, who is also the nephew of the president, Jacob Zuma. Previously a part of the “Ten Thousand Tiles and a Hundred Thousand Tricks” organized by the V-A-C foundation of Moscow’s Institute for African Studies, it can now decorate the walls of your apartment. 

Featured by “White Walls Problems” – a project that gathers exclusive collections of graphics by contemporary artists and distributes museum-quality prints from around the world. The project is based on the idea that everyone can incorporate art into one’s personal space – a global trend that hasn’t left Russia behind.