Explore an Online Architectural Exhibition

Meganom presents its archive of scale models.

“Theatre in Taganka” (2003), scale model.

Meganom Project, a Moscow architectural bureau with almost 20 years of successful practice, shares its collection of models on the Thngs platform. The people behind Thngs seek to preserve information on the widest range of physical objects ever created, calling it “a Noah’s ark for the tangible world.” With the growing selection of objects ranging from medieval helmets to modern digital synthesizers and more, the collection seems to be virtually endless.

Apart from scale models of actual buildings and realized projects, the architectural bureau presents many of its concept designs. One example is the model of famous Moscow Taganka Theatre, turned by Meganom architects’ imagination into the assembly of rectangular forms and enclosed spaces. Made of rusted metal, the construction has unique texture and leaves somewhat claustrophobic impression.

Such scale models, despite being a unique element of architectural culture, are often neglected, and starting such online exhibition seems like a timely and appropriate way to address the issue.