Excursion Into Soviet Jazz

Rare Soviet gems in a new mix compiled by Miracle Libido.

A couple years ago Artem Ryazanov, DJ and founder of Estetika Zvuka, began digging into Soviet jazz and electronic scene. Jazz arrived in the USSR from the West and has been developing its own style and tone for 60 years. Artem is particularly interested in the search for this unique Soviet sound.

This mix is a continuation of his research into the jazz music perfectly suited for listening to within a cozy family circle. Artem compiled a diverse selection of recordings, aiming to build up an intimate and warm atmosphere by delivering a powerful, nostalgic sound made of smooth rhythms, bright soundscapes, and driving melodies. It opens with a track by Ukrainian jazz trio Moon Hook and then incorporates both obscure and established artists from Siberia, Uzbekistan and Russia: Alexey Kuznetsov, Igor Nazaruk, West-Siberian Jazz Quartet, and Sato. The mix culminates with a track by one of the most famous Soviet jazz collectives, the Variety Orchestra directed by Oleg Lundstrem.