Echoes From the Ural Capital

INRUSSIA’s new publication is dedicated to the long-forgotten gems of Yekaterinburg – from its 1980s rock movement to Boris Yeltsin.

Yekaterinburg occupies a nodal point in Russia's history. Here, the execution of the Romanov family put an end to the Russian Empire; and here, the early political successes of Boris Yeltsin helped give rise to the Russian Federation. Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy, inspired by the city's symbolic role, chose it as the stage for his FW 18 Collection release.

To accompany the show – held in the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center – INRUSSIA released a book chronicling the city’s 1980s subcultures that inspired the designer’s latest collection. Articles about the iconic filmmaker Aleksei Balabanov and the Sverdlovsk underground rock movement feature in the book, as well as an interview with the artist Erik Bulatov and an intimate memoir about Yekaterinburg’s most influential politician Boris Yeltsin. Dispersed throughout the book are archival photos to complement each of the written texts. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the upcoming launch of the INRUSSIA Online Store – where this book, as well as our books for Gosha Rubchinskiy’s previous shows, will be available for purchase. Likewise, we invite our readers to take part in the presale of the book. For more details about the presale, please email us at