Discover “Our Africa” at Lisbon Exhibition

Studying the relationship between the Soviet Union and Africa, a documentary film by Alexander Markov.

“Our Africa,” a feature length documentary by Alexander Markov, is being screened as part of the RED AFRICA program at the exhibition “Things Fall Apart” at Lisbon’s Galeria Avenida da Índia. The film builds upon the kilometers of remaining stock film dating from 1955, stashed at the Krasnogorsk State Film Archive ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. The footage was taken by Soviet filmmakers, sent to Africa along with geologists, teachers, and propagandists, to document the rise of socialism in the newly independent countries.

By combining this film footage and interviews with some of the filmmakers and officials involved, Alexander Markov seeks to discover the forgotten relationship between the Soviet Union and African countries and peoples, as well as exposing the propaganda mechanisms.

With a focus on cinema, “Things Fall Apart” presents projects of contemporary artists, exploring African development following the end of the Cold War. Taking its name from Chinua Achebe’s 1958 classic of post-colonial fiction, the exhibition was previously featured at Calvert 22.