Contemplative Mix by Sangam

Take a journey inside oneself.

Alexey Sangam is co-founder of the internet radio podcast series Undermusik and the homonymous parties in the Urals capital of Ekaterinburg. As well as playing at underground house and techno events, Alexey is an enthusiastic collector of rare and diverse music. The mix he recorded is a perfect example of his elaborate taste, inspired by impassable forests and deep mountain gorges. Obscure vibrations, whistling birds, metronomic beats and slow tempos make for a meandering trip inside oneself. 

“In the mix I compiled varies background noises, melodic transparent soundscapes, Nepalese folklore, and many other works by talented musicians of different epochs. Maybe this collage will evoke memories of your past lives. But the main idea is to freeze in the moment and contemplate – a sort of meditation,” says Alexey.