Comet Earring by Protey Temen

The Moscow-based artist designs minimalist cosmic bodies for your earlobes.

The Monoserga Comet earring by artist Protey Temen is a result of his collaboration with minimalist jewelry brand Avgvst on a collection of earrings, necklaces and ringlets inspired by cosmic particles and their performance inside and outside the bodies, sensible or symbolic. These particles were laid out on a Space Atlas created by Temen and later reproduced in metal. The collection is a natural extension of the artist’s graphic works entitled “Atlas,” which proved the inspiration behind reworking the cosmic bodies in smaller sculptural forms.  

The Comet earring in the jeweler’s Lemon Gold 585 was one of the starting points of the collection and is an attempt to visualize a process of extreme movement, like minute particles piercing through a substance.

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