Brighter Days Are Coming

St. Petersburg’s Street Art Museum opens for its fourth season this weekend.

Founded in 2012 and situated on the site of an operational plastics factory in eastern St. Petersburg, the Street Art Museum seeks to showcase works by young artists and find new ways of developing industrial and remote city areas. The huge territory of the museum allows for both collecting and exhibiting murals on a permanent basis and hosting temporary events and shows.

This year the museum, in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Saint Petersburg, opens an exposition dedicated to the phenomenon of revolution – a timely topic in terms of art history and politics. However, the show, curated by the Street Art Museum director Andrey Zaitsev and Berlin's Urban Nation Museum director Yasha Young, does not limit itself to thematic interpretations of Russian Revolution motifs and avant-garde art of the era. Rather, it explores the chaotic and revitalizing nature of the phenomenon, which is an essential part of street and public art itself. 

According to Andrey Zaitsev, the goal of the project is to discuss revolution using new art: “We want to unify the vision of contemporary artists, who use different mediums and work in different genres, in order to interpret revolution as both a historical and cultural phenomenon.” Fifty participants from twelve countries will present their creative output, drawing inspiration from the destructive energy and frenzy, the unstoppable force of a crowd, a future borne out of the ashes of the past.

“Brighter Days Are Coming.” Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg. May 13.