“Bizarre Zones of Zoya” by Redkina

Sonic psychoanalysis in a new mix by Zoya Zerkalski.

Photo by Alena Vladyko

Dasha Redkina, a Berlin-based DJ from Kiev, has been playing in clubs all over the world for the past decade. Her fascination with avant-garde and experimental sound has resulted in a new project “Zoya Zerkalski” – an alias dedicated to the exploration of electroacoustic improvisation and live performance.

Her mix, “Bizarre zones of Zoya,” is a dark collage featuring the droning sounds of the British post-industrial band Coil, the German krautrock duet Cluster, noisy elements of the Russian trip-hop band “Stuk Bambuka v XI Chasov,” the German sound engineer Rashad Becker, and Charles Cohen’s playful theater music. The mix culminates in a song by the Russian new-wave band Neoretro – it’s an ode to all the lonely and desperate souls looking for love. Dasha’s own, improvised recordings are shredded and scattered throughout the mix as binding elements, creating a flowing, sonic tale.

“‘Bizarre zones of Zoya’ is a piece of sonic psychoanalysis, consisting of compositions from British, German and Russian artists of all ages, who have strongly influenced my taste for radical soundscapes and alternative experimentations. Touching dark and mysterious corners of one’s soul and digging out one’s innermost secrets may seem like a hopeless and fearful tone with which to open and set the mood of the mix, but it then turns into a game of nostalgia and playful irony,” says Dasha.

Catch Dasha Redkina at the True Music Boiler Room session in Moscow on February 9.