Beat Film Festival Invites Submissions

Documentaries by Russian filmmakers will be accepted until March 31, 2017.

Still from “Salamanka” documentary by Ruslan Fedotow and Alexandra Kulak, which participated in the Smena program of Beat Film Festival 2015.

The annual Beat Film Festival, one of the largest documentary festivals in Russia, will be held this year from May 25 to June 4. Its main focus is modern culture and the event itself is a vibrant mix of screenings, parties, and discussions aimed to set both a comprehensive and cutting-edge cultural agenda for local youth.

This year the Beat Film Festival and Stereotactic agency announced the creation of a new national competition program, which will include documentaries on various subjects: music, contemporary art, literature, sports, and even philosophy. Films in Russian of any running time can be submitted. The program will open with the screening of “Mamleev” – a feature by Valentina Antonova and Dmitry Mamuliya, dedicated to the famous Russian writer and poet Yuri Mamleev.

The national competition was conceived as a development of the “Shift” (Smena) program, which was founded in 2015 and helped discover a new generation of talented filmmakers. The documentary musical “OK, Good” by Alexandra Kulak, Yuliya Kurmangalina, and Anna Kornienko, for example, premiered at Smena in 2015, and the feature “Inner Rap“ by Margarita Zakharova won its main award in 2016. Both films are available online via our “Video” category.