Artists’ Interiors at the Tretyakov Gallery

Catch a special exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery over the New Year.

Soviet painter Alexander Deyneka created “The Girl at the Window. Winter” in 1931 as an illustration for a children’s book. Poet Nilokay Aseev, who once belonged to the avant-garde futurist movement, wrote a poem depicting a Soviet city, left without electric power due to a keen frost. The girl looks out into the cold night, waiting for electricians to fix the lights. But in Deyneka’s work this trivial predicament becomes the inspiration for the romantic portrayal of longing.

The work is part of the special exhibition, “Scenes of Private Life: The Interior in the Graphic Arts of the 20th Century,” which will be closing on Jan. 19, 2017. Check out the 73 works of interiors, dating from the 1917 Revolution to the 1980s. While at the Krymsky Val gallery, check out “Modern Art: 1960-2000. Restart,” the new permanent exhibition focused on Russian art of the second half of the 20th century.

Over the New Year’s holidays, there will be 87 museums and exhibition halls open and offering free admission on Jan. 2-8. As part of this initiative, the Tretyakov Gallery will be celebrating a “Art Week” over the holiday period.