Animated Eroticism of Ancient Greeks

Soyuzmultfilm classic “Polyphemus, Acis and Galatea” available on YouTube.

This animated short by Anatoly Petrov, created in 1995, tells the classic story of love and violent jealousy – the Greek myth of Acis and Galatea. Smitten by the young and beautiful Acis, sea-nymph Galatea seeks help from the goddess Aphrodite and her mischievous son Eros. Her love is fulfilled, but the triggered chain of events leads to tragedy, with Eros’ careless arrow hitting the cyclopes Polyphemus. 

Anatoly Petrov is famed for his experimentation and meticulous handicraft. The film’s carefully painted and juxtaposed frames manage to reproduce the effects of a three-dimensional space, in which beautiful naked figures of nymphs and fauns indulge in innocent fun. While the unabridged and realistic eroticism of the feature was considered quite bold at the time of its release, it invokes, first and foremost, the innocence of the ancient Greeks and their blissful shamelessness.