An Introduction to Ored Recordings

Two ethnographic record labels collaborate on a cassette release.

Ored Recordings is a small recording label that focuses on finding, collecting and releasing field recordings of authentic traditional music from the Caucasus, Russia and the world. Run by Bulat Khalilov, who travels widely in search of various ethnic and cultural music, the label primarily works in the digital format. However, in collaboration with London's Death Is Not The End, Ored presents its first physical release on cassette.

Run by Luke Owen, Death Is Not the End is both a record label and an NTS radio show, dedicated to uncovering dusty gospel, blues and folk records. The label values transient sincerity and the spiritual power of song. Its debut, for instance, was a compilation of recordings from inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola originally released in 1959. Discarding more recent “clean” recordings and bluesmen, Luke Owen gravitates toward authenticity: “I think the value in a lot of this stuff lies in the simplicity… The idea of one mic on somebody’s porch recording one take, in a time and world that I never experienced.”

The double album, titled “An Introduction To Ored Recordings,” is composed of field recordings of folk music from the Caucasus and is scheduled for release on March 24.