An Amazing Maze

Musician X.Y.R. presents his double album Labyrinth on the label Not Not Fun.

Photo by Andra Ljos

Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja (X.Y.R.) is the moniker of the Cherepovets musician Vladimir Karpov, who now resides in St. Petersburg. Previously, for INRUSSIA, Vladimir performed a leisurely mix from his album Tourist. This June X.Y.R. presents his latest double release Labyrinth LP which will be his debut album for the Californian label Not Not Fun

The double album arrives in two formats: part one, Labyrinth, is pressed on colored vinyl; while part two, Reflections, was recorded on cassette. Both weave a smooth musical tableau, taking listeners on a shimmering journey through a labyrinth of obstacles. Meandering synths pave the way to subterranean chambers, while dreamy pit-a-pats and mellow echoes lead listeners beyond tactile boundaries. The six tracks evoke six misty chambers, each with its own inner ambience that creeps up on aural travelers. 

While roaming the wide melodious tunnels, a somnolent sound signals the way forward and out. This voiceless route is broken only twice by Tosya Chaikina’s ghostly vocals on “False Angle Lullaby” and “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors,” before the human voice fades behind smooth rhythms and meditative drone sounds. The double album vividly evokes a visionary state of mind and a fragile universe. By following the musical narrative, you pass through the labyrinth with ease, as if in a dream state, and by the end of the cassette you can hear birdsong – a signal that you are exiting the maze. The double album provides the keys to an underground world of unforgettable encounters.

The Labyrinth double album will be available to purchase via the artist’s bandcamp page on June 30.