Amplitude No.1

Photography zine explores the power of the printed image in the digital age.

Fotodepartament presents Amplitude No.1, a series of 10 books examining 10 Russian artists working with photography. The Amplitude project investigates the power of an image in book format in the digital age, and aims to highlight the personalities and projects that are defining photography in Russia today.

Included in the collection is “On Photography and Fundamentalism,” a critical essay by St. Petersburg-based artist and critic Yury Gudkov. His work explores themes of uncertainty, knowledge and how to identify non-obvious relationships. Through the mediums of photography, video, books or installation, he is primarily interested in analyzing how processes are shown. His latest critical essay for raises questions about materials, regulations, and the contradictory notions present in photography in Russia: What is art today, and what ideas can it communicate? Gudkov tries to understand the causes and consequences of the present generation gap and suggests solutions for photographers today.

Published with the support of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin, the Amplitude collection includes work from the following Russian artists: Alexey Bogolepov, Margo Ovcharenko, Irina Ivannikova, Anastasia Tsayder, Igor Samolet, Olya Ivanova, Irina Yulieva, Irina Zadorozhnaia, Anastasia Tailakova, and Yury Gudkov. While each 28-page periodical can be purchased individually, the entire limited-edition boxed set can be purchased via the project website. All essays are in both English and Russian.