Alcohol Mix by Vlad Dobrovolski

Moscow sound artist creates a unique story based on word morphology.

Vlad Dobrovolski is a Moscow-based sound artist who has been researching, experimenting and honing his personal style for over 20 years. Influenced by improvisation in contemporary art and traditional Okinawa island music, his work expands beyond a singular sound framework by intertwining different intellectual and musical disciplines.

Some know him as a prominent member of the Udacha label, through which he releases records under the moniker Fitz Ellarald. The diversely capable artist is also part of two music groups: the synth trio Kurvenschreiber and tape duo S A D. His curatorial work serves as fertile ground for researching new methods in sound manipulation to help guide his own practice. 

Each of Dobrovolski’s mixes is a standalone story imbued with its morphology and compositional schemes inspired by the history of language and his surroundings. The mix featured here is a one-hour journey through rich and mesmerizing sound textures layered with echoing voices and the life of fauna. Titled “Alcohol,” the mix is a continuation of his series dedicated to the etymology of Russian words borrowed from the Arabic language.

“In Russian there are more than 450 words of arabic origin brought to the culture by Mongol-Tatar Yoke,” Dobrovolski explains. “I use field recordings, my own sketches and complete tracks as well by others. Layering a couple recordings in one I enjoy providing them with a new sense, or deleting any meaning intended by an author. This is how I develop new variants, stories and mixes. The most essential question I ask myself when creating a new scheme for a mix is whether one chosen recording is interconnected with the other.”

Catch Vlad playing with Kurvenschreiber on October 20th at Pluton.