Age-Old Techniques for Contemporary Enamelware

The Half & Half enamelware company presents a meditative video to accompany its launch of a new collection.

A year ago the enamelware company Half & Half launched their first line of dessert plates. The design for the tastefully-ornate plates was inspired largely by Gzhel –  a traditional Russian ceramics style that dates back to the early 19th century. The monophonic filling, blue paint and floral patterns adorning the plates serve as nostalgic memento for the Russian childhood kitchen experience.  

Last year’s collection was the start to a long-term cooperation between the founder of Half & Half Marina Nikolaevna, and designer and art director of the Strelka Institute Anna Kulachek. Now, Half & Half is announcing release of their second collection. For the next upcoming several years, Half & Half is embarking on a project to release yearly series with the same consistent  design. Bowls, cups saucers and other dishware are on the agenda, and will be available for collectors, enthusiasts or just average homeowners seeking to embellish their kitchen accessories. 

Half & Half’s main ambition lies in adapting a seemingly archaic design into a contemporary world. The  Khokhloma Gzhel motifs of traditional Russian arts and crafts are applied not only to dishes, but also other objects and paraphernalia for interior design. In doing so, Half & Half propels an age-old tradition forward and imbues it with relevance in a world hungry for rapid change and development. 

Featured above is a video-meditation on how Half & Half’s products are created.