Afterlife Bliss by Flaty

St. Petersburg producer explores the future of Russia's electronic underground.

Photo by Alexandra Zakharenko

Underground electronic artist Flaty has been releasing music under different aliases for many years. Because he enjoys coming up with different aesthetics and mythologies, he has produced so many projects, each with a unique character and style.  “New Suggestions,” his latest release on the NII label, is a full-length album made in an unusual way. By guiding and bringing together the most prominent underground electronic artists, Flaty has compiled collaborations into a deep and subtly engaging record. Although the producer keeps quiet and doesn’t perform often, when he DJs or issues a mix, it is always special and on point.

The uncompromising one-hour selection of moving spaced-out melodies, abrasive techno meshes, spacious dub depths, and future-facing underground electronics unfolds with a cruising speed, presenting rare specimens of the Russian underground. “This mix is made up of mostly unreleased Russian music by Flakes, VTGNIKE, Alex Danilov, DJ Kassir, OL, Shine Grooves, Roma Zuckerman, Shumopeleng, Traxx P.C., +7 and some of my upcoming tracks. I love to explore the local music scene, and this is my main focus of interest lately. So the idea was quite simple: find new material and create a balanced story out of it. This mix researches abstract forms, the so-called Russian hazy-neo-tech-house,” says Flaty. 

Flaty is starting his own label, ANWO Records, which will be announced soon with first releases by Dada Ques, Wrong Water and Ocurob. Look out for his upcoming records on GOST Zvuk and collaborations with Dices and OL.