Accessories Collection Finds Inspiration in 1990s Moscow

Sweatshirt and pin collection that will make you fall in love with Moscow.

Heart of Moscow, a lifestyle and accessories project aimed at showcasing Russian heritage in a new way, is launching a limited edition of sweatshirts to celebrate its fifth birthday. They will feature prints designed by friends of the brand: Strelka Institute art director Anna Kulachek, artists Protey Temen and Dmitry Kavko, Glitché app founder Vladimir Shreyder and Ivan Makarov, ex-art director of the Denis Simachev brand and chess player. In addition, they have created a series of pins dedicated to Moscow's 1990s, with iconic images of the era: Marianna plastic bags and Rave Girl, the White House in flames, gopniks, purple jackets, video games and pre-gadget electronics. The brand hopes to make locals and tourists fall in love with Moscow with these atmospheric images of the historical city.