A New Life for Hit Russian Albums

ZBS Records reissues 1990s and 2000s hit records with a focus on quality production.

Reissuing Russian vinyl records rarely receives such meticulous attention as when it’s done by ZBS Records – from quality studio material and professional mastering to graphic design and pressing records at the same factory used by WARP and Ninja Tune. ZBS Records, a label started in 2013, concerns itself only with Russian music and focuses on vinyl releases.

The label's discography avoids any genre restriction and you can find hip-hop, jazz, punk, synth-pop, alternative rock and other LPs among it. Among the more peculiar artefacts of the collection is a nine LP box-set of the singer Linda, whose eclectic discography includes albums with ethnic and trip hop influences, combined with new age and synth-pop. Her diverse work and heavy rotation on Russian MTV brought her recognition in the mid to late 1990s.

A pure gem, reissued by ZBS in collaboration with Wyrgorod records, is one of last albums by the legendary Siberian punk band Grazhdanskaya Oborona. Founded by the late Yegor Letov in 1984, the band made its way from noisy lo-fi punk to psychedelic rock with folk influences. The reissued album “Reanimatsiya” (Reanimation) features the “wall of sound” approach to production, reminiscent of garage rock.

In addition to rediscovering classic records, ZBS is interested in young collectives looking for an LP release.