108 by Maria Kolosovskaya

Contemporary ceramist Maria Kolosovskaya is presenting her first solo project, a collection of vases and masks.

A series of terracotta vases which Maria created in collaboration with ceramic artist Vladimir Kosyak. These pieces unveil traditional Russian techniques, in which clay is covered with milk and then worked with beeswax, in order to create a warm surface. It is reminiscent of polished wood or leather. 

To accompany the presentation Maria worked on a video with Ilya Batrakov, Mona Ermishina, Albina Vakhitova and Ivan Kurbakov: 

“We wanted to open up to the plastics of clay, reflect on its texture, transmit the symbiosis of a human being and a material, and indulge in the contact between person and nature. We bring these notions in with the images of the forest, the trees, the dancing. And the vases become part of the scenery. This video is bringing life to the exposition.”

The exhibition opens at Fabula Gallery and will last until January 31th.